Bedroom Tile Trends In 2021

Bedroom tile trends in 2021 are rich and varied. Read on to find out which ones are most suited to your needs.


Bedroom Tile Trends in 2021 that are sure to give your bedroom that x factor, both in design terms and practicality.

Bedroom Tile Trends In 2020
Bedroom Tile Trends In 2021

Tiles for bedrooms are not that common among the populace. In certain areas of the house, like bathrooms and kitchens, tiles are very common. What about bedrooms though? While tiles may not be the most obvious flooring option, they are, however, a very good option. People have the assumption that tiles cannot create “warmth” in a room but that assumption isn’t really based on much. Tiles can and will create a warm atmosphere and ambience in your bedrooms, if, you do them correctly.

Particular reasons why tiles may be a good fit for your homes include:

Heating – TIles are the perfect surface for installing heating mats which are electronic and which will make sure that you never have to wake up to a cold floor. These tiles, combined with electric heating mats will give your bedroom space a perfect warmth.

Style – Tiles, especially of the porcelain variety, can be molded to look like a lot of other surfaces such as bamboo or wood. These are options that are more easily associated with bedrooms and can make sure that your space is always looking stylish and trendy.

What type of tiles should I choose for my bedroom

There isn’t an universally accepted definition for ceramic tiles (tiles that are most commonly used). There is debate as to what exactly makes a tile a ceramic tile. Certain definitions of the term will make some tiles such as porcelain and terra cotta fall under the heading of ceramic tiles. On the other hand, most manufacturers of ceramic tiles will not distinguish between the two types of tiles. These types of retailers often place tiles of the porcelain variety, as well as tiles such as the ones of natural stone variety, in the same category as ceramic tiles. It would then be prudent to highlight the qualities of ceramic tiles as being the same as the other types of tiles mentioned. So the benefits of porcelain or natural stone tiles are the same as the ones of the ceramic variety (since most manufacturers will list them together).

Porcelain planks with wood like looks

Wooden floors are a staple favorite among all who are looking to give their bedroom space a much warmer feeling and a classier look. This is one of the easiest ways to make any space give off the feeling of warmth and class.

Porcelain planks, with wood like looks, are an easy and a cheaper method to achieve that desired result. Manufacturers of this type of planks have, in recent years, been very successful in getting their tiles to visually mimic the look and feel of many types of woods (such as oak, birch, etc). The desired results are achieved by making the shape of the tiles be plank like. This will not only give the benefit of the visual aesthetics of wooden floors but will also add to that look the benefits of having tiles be the flooring material in any bedroom.

Porcelain tiles with cool caramel finishes

This type of flooring, porcelain tiles with cool caramel finishes, can create a feeling of distance and movement. This type of tiles are particularly stylish and can give the room that extra bit of spice when you are looking to redo the bedroom. If you want to add warmth to the bedroom, consider using floor heating that is radiant and electric.

Running Bond-Pattern Rectangular Tiles

Rectangular tilings are not that common. That, by default, is a reason to use this type of flooring. They are very uncommon and can be used to make your bedroom that much more unique and inviting. You will be standing out for sure if you use this option for your bedroom flooring.

Breaking out of the box by breaking out of the square is a particularly useful method for standing out in the bedroom department. Square tiles are very, very common and has been used and abused when designing interior spaces. Therefore, why not break the cycle and break out of the square?

Tiles that look like marble flooring

Who does not like the look and feel of a marble flooring. While actual marble floorings can be extremely expensive, this alternative of having tiles mimic marbles, can be the perfect option for those for the stylish and expensive look of a marble flooring. These types of tiles are designed to mimic the look and feel of expensive marbles but they are actually tiles. This type of marble look alike flooring is particularly useful and beneficial for those residing in a warmer and hot climate. But if the people in the northern hemisphere also desire this look, they can simply use underfloor radiant heating.

Porcelain tiles that look like wooden flooring

If you are getting porcelain tiles for your bedroom that look like wooden flooring, make sure you are well acquainted with the manufacturer you have chosen because if these tiles are not well made, their obvious knock off quality will become very obvious. If you are convinced that this is the type of flooring that you desire, get it from high-end and high quality manufacturers as otherwise they will most definitely look like cheap knock offs.

Terra Cotta

Terra Cottas are some of the most well known forms of ceramic tiles. While it may be rare to get the absolute classic forms of Terra Cottas that were originally famous, ceramic tiles that look like Terra Cottas will give you the same benefits both in terms of design and functionality.

Bedrooms are intimate spaces. They should be designed and decorated as such so as to provide the perfect blend of style and functionality. The tiles described above are particularly crafted to serve those needs, style and functionality. These bedroom tiles trends in 2021 will give your room that special feel and touch and make it truly yours.


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