An Underwater Hotel Is Opening In Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, In 2020


Australia’s first underwater hotel will open in 2020, The 36-metre floating pontoon will have three levels, one of which will descend three metres underwater providing accommodation for up to 24 people, offering guests a 360-degree view of one of the most treasured coral reef systems and chance to spend the night in a submerged suite with incredible views of the coral reefs and its marine life.

Underwater Hotel
Underwater Hotel

The coral reef is composed of 2,900 individual reefs and 900 islands. The magnificent hotel will be constructed just off Lady Musgrave Island, south of the UNESCO World Heritage-listed Marine Park.

As per local reports, the state of Queensland is contributing approximately Rs 6.9 crore to help develop the hotel.

When the hotel opens, it’ll have two underwater suites available for overnight stays. Each suite comes with floor-to-ceiling windows with views of tropical fish, turtles and manta rays. Private glass en suites mean the views don’t stop just because you have to go.

“It will also host an underwater observatory with UV lighting, so visitors can experience the reef at night,” Kate Jones, Queensland State Minister for Tourism, was quoted by LadBible. The Queensland government said the hotel will be operational by April 2020 and a two-day and one-night stay will initially cost $550.

“We know this will create a splash right around the world as people globally will want to come and see our tourism icon, the Great Barrier Reef,”

tourism minister Kate Jones said.

“This development will ensure the southern area of the Great Barrier Reef is an attractive gateway for visitors, providing some of the best tourism experiences on the Reef,”

Mr. Lakey said.

The department predicts the development will draw an extra 16,000 visitors to the region every year and drive more than $1.8 million in visitor expenditure.

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