Agriculture degree as an endless career option


She is an engineer. He is a doctor. I am an aspiring artist. I am a full-time accountant. However, how many of us have heard it commonly as, ‘Hey, I hold a degree in agriculture’ or someone stating that ‘I want to be a farmer with modern practices.’ A rare occasion when you meet such a person. Moreover, a more infrequent occurrence when someone chooses agriculture as a career option.

There is a myth that once you complete any degree in agriculture, the only job option that remains is farming or animal farming. But gone are the days when only those two options were available. With many other industries, food industries and population observing growth, there are more career opportunities after completing a degree in agriculture.

Agriculture degree as an endless career option
Agriculture degree as an endless career option

Opting for Masters

Agriculture is not as simple and a short field of study. There is always more to learn and a vast area to explore. One can opt to go for higher education after completing the B. Sc degree. Not just in agriculture, but there are many other specialities like Masters of Soil Science, Masters of Agribusiness, Masters of Food Science, Masters of Plant Entomology etc.


After completion of masters, one can easily apply for the post of professor in any reputed college. Many colleges hire professionals for various subjects. In case you do not want to practice agriculture, this is a better option. With growing aspects and technology, many options are coming up with teaching opportunities.

Food quality manager

With the rapid growth in the food industry and modern technology, many private sector companies hire managers to care for quality and research.

Private and Government banks

Many banks hire officers to take care of specifically agriculture loans or loans against the land. Here, someone well aware of the subject is always prefered first.

Farm manager

However new this sounds, like everything else needs proper management and planning, even farming needs it. Nowadays, to imply new solutions, modern technique, and better pesticides or fertilizers is very important to have a good harvest. Here is where landowners hire professionals to participate with practical knowledge actively.


Indian Forest Services is all over India under Union Government. One must clear the UPSC competitive exams with good grades to enter the IFS as an officer or inspector.


National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development is one of the most reputable places to work closely for any agriculture aspirant. To bag a job, one must check the NABARD Grade A Eligibility Criteria and apply. NABARD is responsible for the financial department’s development of Agriculture and Rural development through technology, security, research and development.
NABARD offers job roles such as clerks, officers, managers, assistant officers etc. and offers good salaries and various other remunerations. NABARD Grade A Best Books proves to be a good start and proper path for any aspirant who wishes to perceive this opportunity.


The Food Corporation of India plays a significant role in managing the basic necessity; the food. Any Agriculture graduate can join the FCI through the selection process that consists of the entrance exam and an interview. FCI hires as an officer, assistant, manager, and these jobs are purely in government sectors.


IBPS SO is the entrance exam that allows potential candidates to further get a job in ICAR (Indian Council of Agricultural Research) as an assistant researcher, junior staff, analyst etc., the Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare of India controls ICAR. Hence it is a suitable option for a stable career.

Full-time farmer

If everyone opts for engineering, medicine, law, arts etc., then who will be the one who provides necessities? Even though we hear of farmers who suffer a great deal, we also have examples of farmers using modern technology and skills to get the maximum, good quality harvest.

The primary myth is that agricultural studies are limited to the cultivation of plants, but it is also the study of animal farming in reality. Given this fact, if we consider cultivation and animal farming together, it can generate more revenue. And selecting agriculture is picking up a field with maximum possibilities.


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