8 Minimalist Home Interior Design Ideas to Suit Indian Homes


Minimalist Home Interior Design Ideas: Indian homes have always been a personification of complex colors, bulky furniture, and over-the-top ornamentation of different textures and metal. With the change in times, a lot of Indian homes are adapting to décor that’s simple, have clean lines, and have a no-frill minimal design. With creative ideas and some minor tweaks, you can give even the most traditional Indian home a chic look.

Best Minimalist Home Design Ideas

Read on for some easy interior minimalist design tips that are not heavy on your pocket, and yet can transform your space.

Minimalist Home Interior Design Ideas to Suit Indian Homes
Minimalist Home Interior Design Ideas to Suit Indian Homes

1. Balance Color Element

Most Indian homes have furniture pieces like diwan cot or an antique sofa set that’s made of dark wood. A great way to infuse an upbeat look into it is to decorate the space around it in bright or light-colored upholstery, rugs, or even curtains.

This balances the heaviness of the dark wood and makes the place more welcoming. If you have light-colored wooden furniture then you can choose warm tones of curtain-like in shades of red, orange, or even royal blue.

For the ones who are want to retain Indian traditional elements in a minimalistic way, then choose cane furniture for your living room and a color palette of earthy neutral shades like gray, beige, rusty brown for your walls. These color shades along with cane furniture ooze with every bit of Indian tradition, yet giving your décor a minimalistic look.

2. Declutter

Most Indian’s have a habit of collecting a lot of things. You will find old trophies, souvenirs, gift articles all lined up on the display shelf. The best way to give your space a minimalistic and clean look is to first do away with items that are too old and not necessary.

If you don’t want to give away things because of sentimental values, then have them neatly packed and placed in storage. You can replace the old items with something refreshing like small potted plants, some books, cherished family photo frames, or a cute waterfall.

3. Add Storage

Investing in a chest of drawers in your space is a great way to make it look organized. You can place it in the living room, dining area, or even your bedroom to create extra storage space.

You can store your crockery, cutlery, hand towels, bath towels, bedsheets and so much more. Another great way to amp up the storage and style is by adding puffies and ottomans that come in different shapes and sizes which have under the cover storage.

These are handy and can be moved and placed in any room as per need. For example, you can use it to creating a seating area near the dressing table, or even use it to stretch your legs while watching TV in the living room, or it can be used in the balcony for extra seating space.

4. Simple Forms of Decoration

Indian architecture is all about grandeur, so moving to the basic form of the same decoration is a good trick to add a minimalistic element. For example, switch to a simple model of mirrors on the wall, or add large copper vases holding beautiful flowers, or family photos in a plain black frame.

Choose a single decorative item as a focal point like a big painting depicting Indian dance form. Don’t add more than two accessories to the same room.

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5. Choose Organic Materials and Indian Prints

This is a beautiful idea to bring a piece of Indian heritage to your décor. Bring a jute rug for the living room, and then layer it with a modern printed rug to blend both aesthetics. Choose upholstery fabric with Indian prints like ikkat, warli, or temple.

Don’t overdo it, go easy with the color combinations. Use khadi cushion covers to capture the spirit of India. These days simple bamboo blinds are also catching up on the trend for those hoes who like to blend Indian look into their modern homes.

6. Embrace Bare Walls

Plain walls need not be boring always. If done right it can make your space look serene and give your Indian home a minimalistic twist. You can create an accent wall with a bold color that contrasts with the neutral colors of the rest of the walls, to make it stand out.

You can also choose to get stencil art done depicting Indian designs like paisley, peacock feathers to give your home a traditional look while keeping the traditional element in place. If you decide to go with wall art, then let that become the focal point of the room, and don’t add any other decorative pieces to create a distraction. 

7. Add a Traditional Swing

Nothing can represent an Indian home from yesteryears like that of an Indian traditional cane swing or intricately carved wooden swing referred to as “jhula”. Indian jhulas have been given a modern touch too, you can explore the plethora of designs online and pick one that is in line with the rest of your interior decor.

You can easily add this delightful piece of furniture to your living room, bedroom, balcony, or even your courtyard to stay rooted in the culture, yet not going too loud with the look.

8. Add Good Lighting

Keeping your home well-lit makes your home look alluring and charming. There are several lighting options available, like wall sconces, pendant lights, focus lights, chandeliers to name a few.

Since the idea is to bring in minimalism in your decor, refrain from choosing heavy light pieces, and stick to something modern, sleek, and of the right size. Opt for brightness-controlling lights so that you can change the brightness of the room to suit the mood. Switching to energy saver lights is also a good idea to increase the efficiency and illumination in the house.

Along with the above ideas, ensure that your space has enough ventilation, and the scent of Indian incense stick flowing in the house to give it a positive vibe. After all, a clean, beautifully decorated home has a huge impact on our overall well-being.


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