6 Ways to Stay Physically Active All Day


Everyone knows how important it is to be active and to do regular exercises once a day and many doctors suggest that we should try our best to find ways of exercising no matter how busy we are. It is true that sometimes it can get really difficult to actually get up and motivate ourselves to workout but we must keep trying!

Some of the benefits we can get from exercising everyday are that it can help us to lose weight or maintain our wait. Exercising everyday will ensure that we remain active and keep using our muscles regularly; this not only helps to make our muscles flexible but also improves blood circulation in them so they become stronger and are rejuvenated. When you keep using your muscles regularly, they also tend to shun extra fat and build muscle mass which also helps in increasing our metabolism.

When you do high intensity exercises that include cardio in them then you will really be reaping extra benefits from working out; cardio helps to raise your heart beat and make you feel fresh and alive! These heart pumping exercises will also help to clear your mind and allow you to think properly.8

When your heart beats, believe it or not but your blood pressure and sugar levels come down; the reason is that your muscles start using sugars and cholesterol in your blood and turn them into energy! So, the two things that can really make you fall sick, if you don’t take enough care of them, will actually be used by your body to help you feel energized and active.

Cardio will also make you feel like you’re running out of breath but the truth is that your lungs are being challenged as they are expanding and learning to store oxygen in them. As you will keep on doing exercises regularly you will feel the difference in your breathing because you will not be running out of it as much as before. This will be because your stamina will be improving and your lungs will be slowly storing more oxygen in them.

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Many patients who suffer from mental illnesses such as depression, anxiety and stress are recommended by their doctors to do regular exercises; because it helps to regulate our mood so we feel happy, content and satisfied. When you suffer from a mental illness such as depression or anxiety then your body is actually producing hormones that make you feel sad, unproductive and unhappy; but when you start exercising then your body starts to produce hormones that will not only cancel out the depressing hormones in your body but also produces extra hormones such as, serotonin, dopamine, oxytocin and endorphins that help to uplift your mood and make you feel fruitful.

After hearing all these benefits of exercising we bet you can’t wait to take out your own set of sportswear and get a move on as soon as possible! We don’t blame you because everyone wants to stay as healthy as possible! Unfortunately, there are many of us out there who do want to stay active and lead a healthy happy lifestyle but can’t because they are busy and find it very difficult to incorporate physical activity in their everyday lives.

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There can be many reasons for not being able to exercise regularly:

  • Perhaps because of your work schedule
  • Because you are so busy taking care of young children
  • You’re a single parent and have too many responsibilities to take care of
  • You have old parents to take care of
  • You’re a student who can’t manage your assignments and a workout routine together

But we are here to tell you that it is extremely important for you to prioritize your health over anything else! If you are not healthy and happy then it will become extremely difficult for you to do well in your other responsibilities. If you want to keep performing well then you must try to incorporate a healthy lifestyle that includes exercising everyday even if it is for an hour. We are here to guide you with ways you can actually keep on top of all your other responsibilities while still being able to exercise regularly.

How to Stay Fit and Active All Day

Here are some tips to help you stay active all day.

Walk to your office/school

How to Stay Fit and Active All Day - Walk to your office
How to Stay Fit and Active All Day – Walk to your office

Going for work and going to your school is a daily task that we all have to do no matter what! Then why not try to take up a habit that will allow you to be active and energetic in a task that is mandatory for us to do? We suggest walking to your school or to your office, this habit will not only allow you to be more active, for you to use your leg muscles but might also force you to wake up early and create a set routine for yourself.

Walk to get lunch everyday

How to Stay Fit and Active All Day - Walk to get lunch everyday
How to Stay Fit and Active All Day – Walk to get lunch everyday

We also suggest that you should not pack your lunch every day so you have a reason to walk to the nearest store or café where you can grab a quick lunch! If you’re a student who cannot afford to eat out every day then we suggest packing a light lunch and then walking out the nearest park where you can enjoy the sun and your lunch! This short walk will help you immensely as you will walk to work and back from walk every day and gradually this exercise will catch up to you making you feel healthier.

Use bicycles to commute

How to Stay Fit and Active All Day - Use bicycles to commute
How to Stay Fit and Active All Day – Use bicycles to commute

Bicycling every day is also an extremely healthy activity to take up because this exercise will help you get a killer lower body workout as it will focus on your core, your glutes and your lower leg muscles. Cycling also helps to build stamina and raise your heart beat; which means you will be reaping all kinds of cardio benefits!

We suggest that you ditch using car, motorcycle, bus or any other form of public transportation and just try to cycle to any place that you must go. We admit this might be a little difficult if you are a parent who has to travel with young children but definitely do take up this habit if you are a young student!

Use Stairs

How to Stay Fit and Active All Day - Use Stairs
How to Stay Fit and Active All Day – Use Stairs

Taking up escalators and elevators are definitely very helpful however they do have the tendency of making us much lazier than we should be. For places that have an alternative to machines such as stairs, we suggest you should definitely opt for the stairs and ditch other facilities.

Taking the stairs will actually prove to be an excellent workout for your legs and also raise your heart beat and help improve your stamina! Overall you will feel fresh and alive after just walking two flights of stairs! Try it and thank us later!

Exercise with your babies

How to Stay Fit and Active All Day - Exercise with your babies
How to Stay Fit and Active All Day – Exercise with your babies

Exercising with young babies around you can be really challenging! So we have an even better idea! Why not exercise with your babies? We all know that babies can easily weigh quite a lot, and we suggest using their weight to do a few lunges and a few squats! You have to hold them anyways, it’s better if you get to do a little bit of leg work on the way too!

Our idea is to hold your baby in your arms like you would a dumbbell or a barbell and do walking lunges as you walk from one place to another. Trust us this is one of the most commonly recommended exercises for parents; it helps you to work your upper body and lower body muscles as well as let you keep your baby close to you!

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Take up outdoor activities

How to Stay Fit and Active All Day - Take up outdoor activities
How to Stay Fit and Active All Day – Take up outdoor activities

Outdoor activities such as gardening, walking your dog, outdoor photography, skating and swimming are just some of the many activities that will not only allow you to soak up the sun and enjoy nature, but also help you stay active and on your feet!


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