4 Interior Tips Home Designers Swear By


There’s more to making a house feel like a home than meets the eye. Bringing a space together and altering its qualities to make it practical, elegant, and homely is not always a simple undertaking.

There are several factors to keep in mind, ranging from choosing which paint works best in different areas and lighting options to deciding where to place the furniture. That’s when a home designer’s assistance and experience come in handy.

Whether you’re remodelling a whole house, cleaning up the kitchen, or adding a dash of colour to a living room, these handy decorating tips from the best home designers should not be overlooked.

Interior Tips Home Designers Swear By
Interior Tips Home Designers Swear By

Determine Your Personality

What do you want your room to feel like? Here’s a tip to help you fine-tune your style: Examine your wardrobe. Do you like fitted pieces or those that are softer and more comfortable? Do you have a preference for particular colours or patterns? Another method for determining your style is to consider key terms that describe how you would want your room to feel. Classical, stately, or opulent? Playful, fun, and inviting? Monochrome, sleek, and modern?

Home designers recommend taking notice of design influences in many aspects of your life. Recall a hotel where you stayed or a restaurant where you dined that especially piqued your interest. Maybe it was a minimalist decor from your vacation to Japan, or a dancey club in New York with old leather couches.

Determine What You Don’t Like

It is actually quite easy for individuals to communicate their dissatisfaction. This is why home designers say we may remove certain items and home in on others by including dislikes into the equation. A large-scale print, for example, may remind you of something from your childhood that you do not want to see in your own home. A chair, on the other hand, may evoke memories of being put to time-out for pulling your sister’s hair. Similarly, a specific hue may elicit memories of a previous trend that you don’t want to replicate. These experiences and responses are highly personal and unique, but they also shape our preferences.

Construct Around Your Area

Home designers are of the view that space planning, which has an influence on size, is critical. People frequently choose furniture that is either too big or too small for the area. Consider the equilibrium of a place. Consider creating zones for different activities in bigger rooms, such as a seated space favourable to the discussion, another for tv viewing, and a work area with a table for crafts or games. Even while I enjoy symmetry, making everything symmetrical sometimes makes things feel overly forced. To balance out a room, consider the visual balance and distribution. The importance of proportion and size in design cannot be overstated.

Test Your Paint

One of the most significant and cost-effective selections you can make is the colour of your paint. Proper paint selections help to link rooms in a harmonic way. Take a look at the house as a whole. If you paint one room at a time, you risk having fragmented rooms. Consider how colours influence our emotions. Certain colours may make individuals feel joyful, tranquil, or even anxious.

Home designers recommend that when considering possibilities, try out actual paint colours on your walls. Examine them in natural light, in the morning, and at night. A colour that works well for one project may not work well for another. What works in your friend’s home might not work in yours. The paint chips at the shop are a fantastic place to start, but what appears beautiful on paper may not transfer into your interior. Try a few different colours of white paint on the wall, paying specific attention to the undertones. They can have magenta, purple, or green accents. The warmth of the light is heavily influenced by its surroundings. Echoes of greens and blues on your interior walls might be produced by plants and the sky.

So, these were some of the best home interior designer tips to revamp your home. But while these tips are enough to get you started, if you’re looking for that Pinterest-ready home, you need professional help from reputable interior designer firms such as Livspace. Livspace is one of India’s largest interior design organisations that provides end-to-end design solutions. Visit their website to know more about their offerings.


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