3 Unique Features of the Clover Flex POS


When it comes to investing in a Point of Sale system, there are so many options on the market that it’s often difficult to know where to start.

Point of Sale system

If you’re a business owner who relies on device-related freedom and flexibility in the workplace, however, the mobile Clover Flex device is worth a look.

From the family of POS solutions that include the Clover Mini, Mobile and Go, the Flex offers you a uniquely flexible solution.

1. Powerful Portability

A single, full-feature POS, the Clover Flex is a powerful portable device if you own a business where you and your staff are on the move throughout your facility and property. Whether you’re a restaurant or salon owner, the Clover Flex goes with you from counter to table to chair, allowing you to take orders, make transactions, print receipts, capture signatures and adjust tips. It offers a full suite of payment processing solutions and its contactless payment options offer you even more agility in your business services. With similar functionality to the non-mobile Clover Station POS, the Flex offers you and your clients and customers the power of portability. Here are just some of the industries and types of businesses that can benefit from Clover Flex:

  • Health: chiropractors, dentists and veterinarians
  • Hospitality: hostels, hotels and marinas
  • Restaurants: food trucks, full-service and wineries
  • Retail: cigar shops, liquor stores and non-profit organizations
  • Service: auto repair, churches, and spas and salons

2. Easy Inventory

Wouldn’t it be nice to manage your inventory on one hand-held device? Clover Flex gives you this option with its Quick Response code scanner and built-in camera. Using the QR scanner you can easily track products, identify items, manage documents, and apply this data to your marketing efforts. Easy reports are another great inventory-based feature of the Flex. It lets you run the reports you need to make short- or long-term decisions on your stock. Whether you sell coffee, hair products or nail services, accessing your inventory via the Flex makes life a whole lot easier and sets you up for future success.

3. Generous Display

One of the drawbacks of many hand-held POS devices in today’s market is that the size of the display screen can limit visibility and functionality. The Clover Flex’s 5-inch touch screen display is generous, allowing you and your clients and customers to easily view transaction options and capture signatures. Any time you can provide your clients with a tool that makes their lives easier, you’re establishing brand satisfaction and loyalty. You don’t have to be in the selling merchant accounts industry to know that a generous screen and intuitive, easy-to-use functionality makes the business owner and their clients happy!

If these three unique features make you want to know more about the Clover Flex POS, contact your merchant account expert today. From setting up demos or instant quotes to providing consultations and case studies, an expert is your best avenue to quickly and easily determining if the Clover Flex POS is right for you and your business.


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