10 Tips to Control Weight Gain in Monsoon


Do you know that the maximum weight gain occurs during the monsoon season?

Yes, the simple reason for this is that due to the cold weather in monsoon, we eat more oil-spices and fried-fried things, due to which our weight increases rapidly.

In such a situation, extra care is needed in monsoon to prevent increasing weight.

Drink Green Tea

To control weight, make a habit of taking green tea or lemon tea instead of tea in the monsoon season. If you want, you can take any low calorie cookies along with it.

Take Low Fat Milk & Sprouted Grains in Breakfast

Take low fat milk in breakfast. Take sprouted grains along with it. But do not forget to steam these sprouted grains once.

Eat Seasonal Vegetables

Do not compromise on seasonal vegetables during the rainy season. Eat lots of seasonal vegetables, but cook them well in less oil and eat them.

Take Light Dinner

Keep dinner as light as possible. Include veg soup, moong dal, mixed veg in dinner.

Eat Oats

Eat brown rice or oats instead of rice.

Eat Dinner on Time

In the rain, keep in mind that dinner is not too late. The more late the dinner is, the bigger the problem of stomach will be. So keep in mind that do not eat heavy food in dinner and do not have late dinner.

Eat Garlic Bud in Morning

Get up in the morning and make it a habit to eat one garlic bud every day. Eating garlic with lukewarm water does not increase weight.

Eat Soaked Almonds in Morning

Eating soaked almonds on an empty stomach in the morning will also prove beneficial. Soaked almonds do not increase fat and are also good for health.

Eat Apple

Do not stop consuming apples in fruits. Monsoon Apple is the best way to reduce appetite, the potassium present in it does not allow hunger for a long time.

Eat Banana

Whenever there is a craving for fast food, eat a banana. The ingredients present in banana eliminate the craving for fast food.


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